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Code: 0206010156


Basic pumping order

This pump is operated by 2 products and has 2 nozzles and 2 sides and 1 display nof each side


Standard Equipments 


Hydraulic Pumps FALCON (Turkey)

TT500 Flow meters FALCON (Turkey)- OIML Certified 

Nozzles ZVA Elaflex (Germany)

Hose Length 8.0m

Reliable Electronic Control Unit AKORD -OIML Certified 

Static Powder -Coated Dispenser Body 

The Dispenser include separately ATC Probe for each product 


Additional Equipments-Cost 

The Vapour Recovery System Price for 1 product at 1 side: +1200 Euro

The Vapour Recovery System Price for 1 product at 2 side: +2400 Euro

Additional Display & Keyboard Price for each side : +150 Euro

High Speed Nozzle Price difference for each Nozzle: +600 Euro

4,300.00 €

(prices do not include VAT)
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